Advanced Health & Educations (, Vice President of Business Development Mark Lamplugh, was a guest on the very popular Recovery Radio in South Florida. Mark talks about firefighter addiction and his work with the Frontline program ( at Advanced Health. Firefighters tend to struggle with substance abuse and traumatic event issues because of the nature of their job. Mark also discuss’s some of his plans for the future, The problems with the opioid epidemic, some if the issues related to the addiction industry and his passion for helping addicts and alcoholics. The Frontline Program ( focuses on firefighter addiction and other responders who suffer from addiction.

About Recovery Radio

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About Frontline Responder Services (

Addiction and trauma don’t only effect the Responder, but also the family. At Advanced Health & Education (, we not only support the therapeutic process of First Responders, but of their families and fellow Responders as well.

We developed a unique and comprehensive approach to addressing the specific needs of the family, and those closely affected by the traumatic experiences of First Responders, by connecting recovering Responders with “still-suffering” Responders during addiction and trauma treatment.


Our staff of former first responders help to create an environment of therapeutic comfort and ease through sharing in their own experiences.

At Sprout Health Group, we acknowledge and understand the underlying sources of a  First Responders’ reaction to the stresses of everyday life…and support their path back to their family and job.

  • Active and retired First Responders with backgrounds in peer support, peer counseling, employee assistance and crisis interventions
  • Clinical therapists who have extensive years of training and experience exclusively working with First Responders
  • We are developing the area’s largest network of Alumni and Peer Support for First Responders in Recovery
Mark W Lamplugh Jr

Mark W Lamplugh Jr

Vice President of Business Development

Mark Lamplugh is a fourth-generation firefighter and former captain with the Lower Chichester (PA) Fire Company. He was the Chief Executive Officer with 360 Wellness Inc. ( and currently the Vice President of Business Development of the Frontline Program ( at Sprout Health Group. Lamplugh is also nationally recognized in Crisis Stress Intervention through the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress. Lamplugh hosts his own talk show called "Firefighter Wellness Radio" ( with Fire Engineering. He has helped hundreds of firefighters, police officers, veterans, EMS personnel, and civilians nationwide find help for addiction, alcoholism, PTSD, and mental health support. He can be reached for comment at